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December 20, 2013
I reached Vila Amour at 7:12 p.m. I was asked to be there at 7:15 p.m but considering the man’s temper, I (for a change) made sure that I was well in time. The consequence of being 3 minutes early was that I witnessed a scene that I once upon a time was a part of, but had well but forgotten.
As I opened the compound gate, I looked up towards the balcony. The balcony door was shut for a change. As I walked towards the stairs, I heard a thundering of footsteps above me and adoloscent voices suddenly disturbed the serene and calm evening atmosphere of Pudumjee Park.
“Dude, its Saturday evening, what’s the plan?”
“Hey Asshole, give my book back, got to finish of with today’s homework”
“Bastard, let us just chill out at someone’s place”
I quickly stepped aside and let the swarm of voices pass by me. Guys clad in wierd clothes, sporting even more wierd hairstyles stared at me in my modest sports jerkin, blue jeans and blue knapsack as if I was just back from a trip to Mars. I waited and watched them leave. 35 odd bikes were kick started in quick succession. The roar of the engines, the racing of the acceleration and then in a fog of dust all of them were gone. The evening was silent once again.
A tad rattled by the sudden sinusoidal fluctuations (Electronics Engineer hoon bhailog) in voice levels, I walked up the stairs to the first floor. The door was ajar, yet I knocked. I was no longer a student.
“Come in.” , said a sharp voice.
I looked at my watch in truimph. It was 7:15 p.m. I walked in and saw him sitting on the chair opposite the door. I was in Prof H.D Moogat’s house. Like many others, maybe one of my last visits here.
A student was discussing some admission related details with him. While Moogat was advising him, I sat on the sofa opposite him. Half listening my mind flashbacked 6 years back to when I had first come to meet this man. Nothing has changed since then.Not he, not his style of wearing a blazer for his classes, nor his Just-A-Minute temper. But then I feel that when one is so close to leading the perfect life, there isn’t much that one needs to change.
I was suddenly jerked out of my reverie. The student had gone.
“Have you brought everything?”, he asked.
He was referring to the letters I had brought for signing.
“Yes sir”, I replied.
“Ok, sit on the table. I’ll just come”
I entered the hall. It was empty now. All the chairs were folded and kept aside.
“Kling Klang Kling”
I remembered how we used to purposely fold the chairs with a lot of noise to irritate him. I wanted to fold chairs again. I walked towards the table and circled it twice just trying to remember my favourite position. It was 15 degrees to the right of his chair, behind him. I stood there for a minute or so and a crowd of memories clogged my mind………
M : Why are you late?”
Alok : Sir, I was sleeping
M: With whom……..
M: What is cosA into cosB?
Bawa: cosAB
M: Arre chutiya dikhra !!!
M: What is ASTC rule?
Students: All Sin Tan Cos
M: After Sex Throw the Condom….
M: And I know that Shanky teaches it as All Sugar Tea Coffee but this sounds much better ….
Students: Rao, Rao, Rao…
M: ENOUGH, once more and I ll throw all of you out, Bastards
Dinesh: Hey Santya Bochya…..
And this ones my favourite..
M: There is nothing known as revision. Revision is only on Wadia college bridge. You look and find a beautiful girl so you do a re-Vision and then Re Re Vision and then RE RE RE vision…
I took a chair and sat and waited for M to come.
“Dong”, the grandfather clock to my right struck 7:30 pm. Even that hadn’t changed….
As M brought his pen and started signing the forms, I mentioned, “Sir, its been a long time since I have sat in this hall”
“So it has, so it has”, he replied smiling.
We finished off within half an hour.
“Dong, dong, dong….”, the clock struck 8 p.m
Looking again at my list of univs, he said, “Well, I wish you all the best.”
“Thank you sir, for everything.”
As I made my way out of the house and down the stairs, I thought, “Admits or no admits, I ll always feel happy and proud of the fact that Prof H.D Moogat recommended me for my Masters….”

East-West Crossings

December 1, 2008

Still pondering….