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A Little Bit of Magic

October 31, 2007

Words should say the least.
The video says it all.


2 dB silence

October 31, 2007

For the laughter and innate mirth
For the carefree life after birth

For the glossy gossips and stifled giggles
For the noisy dorms and silent cubicles

For spells of unbounded genius
For moments of gloomy sadness

For joyous shrieks and mad whoops
For moody tears and angered weeps

For open chapters of untold stories
For forgotten pasts and unfound glories

For boundaries that separate distance
For voices that cannot yet still the silence


Gym Whim

October 28, 2007

Ever since I landed out here, there has been a growing paranoia on my part that the winter will tear me into pieces. And the people around me have done nothing much to make me feel better. In the very first month, I was attending an International Student Session where FREE coffee was being served (note the emphasis on free) and one localite eyed me from top to bottom and asked,

“So, how are you liking it here so far?”

“Oh, wonderful, the weather is so awesome.”

“Dude, let the winter come!”

And with that he left me to enjoy my coffee. Enjoy my left foot. I had to do something. I decided to fight fire with flame. Or in this case, fight frost with flesh. I went and joined the gym. Now, I am sure that most of you are thinking that, any gym which entertained me as its regular customer, would very soon face complete abandonment by its existing customers and would eventually have to shut shop.

Even I thought the same thing.

So having some consideration for the health club authorities, I decided to frequent the two gyms located on campus on alternate days. In this way neither of the gyms would have to worry about closure. Having altruistically solved the problem of the authorities, I now decided to concentrate on setting my diet right.

Milk and eggs for breakfast
A double cheese sandwich for brunch
Chicken for lunch
Evening snack along with another glass of milk
Wholesome Indian food for dinner followed by another glass of milk

That should do the trick, I thought, as I made my way back home after a week of gruesome (for the on-lookers) workouts at the gym. Feeling very thrilled about the fact that very soon I would have biceps that would give Arnold Schwarzenegger something to think about, I continued with my diet and gym for a month and a half.

A week back I felt it was about time I took a snap of my rippling biceps and send them to all my well wishers back home. I borrowed my room-mates camera and asked a friend – who I believe is a good match for another friend of mine and who (former friend) we shall icognito name as Vnky – to take a picture of my beefed up arms.

Vnky – always willing to lend a helping hand (latter friend – please take note) – gladly agreed.

As I rolled up my sleeves and flexed my biceps, Vnky peered into the camera ready to take the shot. After having peered for a minute he looked up at me and then again looked into the camera. Apparantly, he seemed to be a professional at photography. Maybe he was trying to adjust the aperture thereby enabling optimum light to fall on the lens. Or maybe he was trying to capture the perfect angle that would make those biceps really stand out in the snap. All these thoughts made their way through my mind as I waited in plumb anticipation for the flash to go off.

After waiting for another 30 seconds, I started to grow a bit impatient. Agreed that I had worked out those biceps for more than a month now, but keeping them flexed for over 1 minute had started to take its toll on the muscle. When the discomfort had reached its pinnacle, I asked,

“Dude, what’s taking so long?”

“Oh, nothing, nothing.”

Vnky then deftly dug into the sidepocket of his jeans and removing his hankerchief, rubbed the LCD screen gently with it and again focussed the camera towards me.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Nothing, nothing”

“Then why dont you just take the picture?”

Vnky finally revealed the embarassing dilemma he was facing.

“Sid, I cant make out your arm in the camera screen. Its too small.”

(Sigh) Lifes like that…….