Game Name

October 21, 2013

During our team-huddle just before the start of the game, our captain began by saying, “Let us welcome back so-and-so (who had missed a couple of games during his wedding) … Now  for the new-comers, let me define the rules of the game.”

Someone quipped, “Are you talking about rules for today’s game specifically or marriage in general ?”

Everyone laughed.

Captain, good-humored that he is, continued the joke, “Let me tell you this, there are no rules that we can define there. They are left to your interpretation only.”

In other cricketing news, Ishant seems to have become the fulcrum of all jokes now, taking away the attention from Jadeja. Given the way things are going in the current series, I would not be surprised to see MSD roll an arm over. #champion’s trophy

While this is all good entertainment for the viewers, with bated breath, all our eyes are on next month, when an era is going to end.


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