Miss Calling

June 12, 2010

It was a hot summer afternoon. Monsoon had yet not set in. Class was going on – Engineering Maths II. Half the class was wondering what the other half was upto and vice versa. Maama, on the other hand, was sitting on the first desk, and trying hard to concentrate. Suddenly, his cell-phone began to ring.

“Dil kabootar khana hai…”

And then Sonu’s voice melted into silence.

Missed call.

Our Math’s professor, Nikam turned around with chalk in hand just like James Bond would have turned with a gun in hand.

“Yes, you. Stand up. Get outch”

“But, Sir…”


Our cat-sound-emanating specialist beckoned towards his call of duty.


Distracted, Nikam turned to where the noise came from.

“Yes…  Anyone  else wants to get outch.”


Nikam continued, “Aise hi aate ho aap class mein?”

Andy quipped from one of the back-benches, “Nahi Sir, tiffin leke aate hai.”

The whole class erupted in laughter and giggles.

Amongst the pandemonium, poor Maama was left standing, cursing himself as to why he had not kept his cell on silent.

How I miss those days of missed calls. Pranks played in class like calling up a person who had forgotten to switch his cell-phone off.

Another cell-phone prank that became very common was to switch phone numbers in the contact list of another guy.

Girlfriend’s number – xyz to abc

Girlfriend’s brother’s number – abc to xyz

Not tough to hazard a guess what happened next.

The one prank that yours truly is still remembered for is, while playing the annual department cricket tournament, every guy who won the man of the match award received a message from an unknown number signed “Secret Admirer” saying how wonderful his performance was and whether he would be willing to meet up over coffee.

I evidently found most parts of me bruised once my team-mates found out that I was their “Secret Admirer”.

But there were times when missed calls came really handy too. When you have Rs.2 balance on your pre-paid card and you desperately need to talk to your friend. Time for Mr. missed-call. Or when you need to inform your parents that you reached your friend’s place safely. Missed call.

Well, onto things of the present. World Cup fever has begun. Shakira is singing Waka Waka and K’naan urges all to Wave their Flag.

May the best team win.

And by that I mean Argentina.

P.S: People, do visit the site http://anonymoussmiles.blogspot.com/ A noble cause to spread cheer through handmade postcard greetings.



  1. Hey Sid,

    Seriously maan, really miss the unADULTerated fun we used to have in Nikams class; it used to be the only class with full attendance…

    Two more scenes i remember:
    1. Nikam had asked for a brief intro from all the students. Farhan had gotten up, and Nikam asked him, “Kahaan se aaye ho aap?” Farjan replied “Bahrain se…” …Nikam took it as “Baharoon aala (meaning ‘came from outside’)” and the whole class was in ruptures…

    2. then on another ocasion he had Rohan Jagtap (Ha Ha Ha….) to get out of the class; seein the entire class enjoin the scene he had remarked “Aur kisi ko bahar jaana hai to jaa sakta hai…” and the whole class moved out….Mass Bunk after the Prof turning up….

    sahi hai yaar…just remembering these incidences is giving me goosebumps…

  2. hahaha…. SId awesome awesome awesome…… i burst out laughing for a while …. nicely done yar… back to the days

  3. What days man… ha ha… cant stop laughing… I used to be late for all classes… n then out of the world excuses….

  4. seriously…awesome sid…..miss those wonderful daysd…..you guys remember there was this prof who used to teach NL……we would actually throw chalks at him….same for ahire sir ….either chalks or those paper planes…..amazing times ya….

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