Guy Talk – Part II

April 10, 2010
The weather in SC continues to stay consistently mercurial, but there was a brief period last week when the sun shone down benevolently on Happy Valley. Spring was in the air; there seemed to be a broad smile on every person’s face you met on the road and very few clothes on the women you saw around Campus.

My mind jogged back to those lazy summer days when I used to devour any Archie comic that I could lay my hands on. The world of Riverdale High School with its teenage characters never failed to tickle my sense of humour. The red-haired, freckled guy who kept juggling between his two girl-friends, his pal who couldn’t find a way to satiate his appetite, the conceited dude who thought three-much about himself, the studious and sincere student who only lived for his experiment and the dumb but strong athlete possessively in love with his gal, all had me ‘lol’ing quite so often.

I used to especially enjoy their short one-line comic strips aptly named like ‘Snow Woe’, ‘Blame Game’ etc. There was a recent conversation between two guys that seemed straight out of one of those one-liner strips. I think I can call it “Girl Twirl”. Here is how it went:

Dude 1 (D1) : Dude, there is this girl.

Dude 2 (D2) : There is always a girl.

D1 : We are good friends.

D2 : Thats always the case.

D1 : Will you shut up and listen!

D2 : Ok. Continue…

D1 : A lot of my friends ask me for her number, which obviously I dont give.

D2: Hmmm, seems you are interested in her. You thinking of asking her out?

D1 : No yaar, she is too good for me. Single, really beautiful and down-to-earth. Shes done her MA (BA bhi kiya hai usne). I am nothing in front of her. Pappu hoo mein, who cant even dance.

D2 : All single guys think like that. Opportunity is all that one needs. You have the opportunity dude. Do something.

D1 (highly irritated by now): Oh really? So what have you been doing?

D2 (suavely): Yeah, there is this girl who I briefly met and found interesting.

D1: And then?

D2: Opportunity. I dont have opportunity. Also I think she is already seeing someone else.

D1 : All single guys think like that.

And with that D1 had the last word.


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  1. LoL.. Siddu.. neat post..

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