Life is a Beach – In Miami

January 10, 2010

Dhan te nan !!! A road trip planned to Miami for New Year’s eve. State College to Miami – over a 1000 miles drive one-way. Well, we (Enjoimaadi gang) had already done it once earlier in the year. Unplanned, and an unexpected adventure it was, from getting locked out of our apartment en route, to finding out that one of us had a driving license that had just expired and then finally reaching our destination at 5:30 am in the morning only to realize that we forgot to buy a birthday cake for our host.

But this was different. It was New Year’s. In 2007, 5 of us guys spent New Year’s eve at Times Square. And this time, Miami was where we were heading. Go Miami!

But as it usually transpires in all long trips, this one had its share of adventure, misunderstandings and extravaganza. We reached Florida without much ado and spent a delightful evening in Naples watching the beautiful sun-set on the beach. The next day we traveled further south into the Keys right up to Key West. On the snorkeling cruise that we embarked upon, yours truly ended up having sea-sickness and puked his guts out all over himself. Yucky you say. Yucky I felt.

I needed coffee, badly. Its funny, whenever I am in such dire straits, all I can think of is coffee. I guess something to do with caffeine and stress. Anyways, we got off the boat, a few of us itching with salt water all over and me stinking with puke all over. After coffee I felt much better, but a few of us felt that most of us needed a shower. Any guesses why?

We were miles away from our hotel. Where on earth (Key West) would we get shower facilities? The beach !!! So we headed over to the beach. It was well past 8 pm and it had started to get chilly. Now, for the uninitiated, these showers I am talking about are open showers. There is this 8 foot pillar with a nozzle attached at the top of it, and one just stands underneath it and takes a shower. I got out of the car, removed ‘most’ of my clothes and raced towards the shower. As I made my way towards the open shower I couldn’t but help remembering an antagonized Shanky’s remark, “All the way he comes from home to college, why… to go back home.” All the way I come to Florida… why … to take a shower at 8 pm in 10 degrees Celsius. Gah!!! But the shower did wonders to my appetite. We went to this awesome restaurant called Carolines and I ended up gobbling up a nice tasty shrimp delicacy. Bery tasty.

The next day was New Year’s eve. The disc that we had bookings for was very close to the beach, so we spent the entire day on South Beach, had a quick bite at a MacDs, changed into our evening wear and walked into the pub ready to rock the party that night. All of us hit the dance floor, for mid-night was fast approaching.

The DJ played Tonight’s going to be a good night just before the countdown to 2010. We all began to groove to the music. One beer later, I started doing the step SRK does in ‘Yeh Tara Woh Tara’ – the one where he hops around in ghoda-ghadi style. Most of the people quickly escaped from the dance floor. A second beer later, a ‘Main aisa kyon hoo’ step was attempted, only to find all the women disappear from sight. I stopped dancing and headed towards the rest-room to take some rest. Dancing can get exhausting.

It was time. I needed coffee. I needed to get out of the disc. I dashed out telling my friends I was going to get coffee. But, the problem with these dance pubs is that once you get out you cant get back in. Game over. Phitoosh.

So here I was sitting on the side-walk outside the disc, sipping my beloved coffee, contemplating on what to do next. I couldn’t get back in, and my friends were not getting out of that place. “Never confuse the unusual and the impossible”, was what Psmith always lectured about. Well, I had done just that. I made the mistake of assuming that all my friends would want coffee at the same time I wanted coffee. I had no option but to sip on my coffee while I waited for everyone to come out.

“Wake up Sid!”, I suddenly saw Mox standing next to me. Everyone was finally out. I got up and started to look for a cab that would take us back to the parking lot where our car was parked. Not a single cab stopped for us. They were already booked. All of us anxiously started ringing up local cab offices. But this was not State College. We were in Miami and it was New Years. The whole city was looking for cabs. It took us about an hour to get one cab. Half of our paltan got into the cab. The rest of us waited on to find another one. Half an hour later we were comfortably settled in a cab that zipped its way through the Miami traffic. We stopped at a pizza place to get some grub. I downed another cup of coffee too.

We finally reached our car in the parking lot. It had been a tiring day. I dozed off at the back of the car. We reached our hotel in the wee hours of the morning. The sun was rising. A new day was about to descend upon us. A new day to a new year. 2009 ended with vigour and in the end ‘All izz well… that ends well.’

Addendum (10th Jan 10):

Have recently started watching the series ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and today was watching the episode ‘The Limo’ where Ted organizes this awesome New Year schedule for all his friends in NYC. The story is fast-paced and I love it so far. The episode ends with Bob Saget (the future Ted) solitarily announcing that ‘Not every night has a happy ending but all of it is important, all of it was leading somewhere, because suddenly it was 2006 and 2006 was a big one.’

So bhaiyya … in the end ‘Aall izz well…’

Happy New Year.



  1. both the journeys flash back 🙂

  2. ..sent it to all my friends, cudnt have described the trip better!

    • Hey Thanks Sharvari… Fl was a great trip….

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