Of Dreams and More

November 9, 2009

It has been a while, hasn’t it? Well, the second-half of this year has not shied away from making me feel as if I have been sitting upside down in some roller-coaster of sorts.

But today, things have been mellow. The weather was unbelievably fantastic for a day in November. Close to 20 degrees C, sunny and blue skies. Went for a jog with friends and ended up running close to 5 km. Hope the weather stays like this for some more time. Could do with some much-needed exercise.

A few days ago, Life Rules posted a real cool post. Funky tune and brilliant lyrics. And then on Saturday, I saw another beautiful post on a friends FB wall. Its a short movie called Struck (click here to watch it) which definitely struck a chord somewhere. And close to the end of the movie, a soundtrack begins to play that struck me some more. Posting the complete version sung by Israel Kamakawiwo.

The year is drawing to a close.The next step beckons. And as this post draws to an end, I am reminded of that brilliant song from that brilliant movie. Watch Prabhudeva at the end doing his version of the song.


One comment

  1. Hey thanks for linking my post! as my comp speakers don't work, i can't check out the videos you have put here.. but good to see you around

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